American Short Track Speed Skater, 8 time Olympic Medalist

“One of the best sport massage therapists I have had, and I have had many. Dorel know’s to go exactly where the pain and restrictions are, extremely advanced massage techniques…I am pursuing Dorel as my personal Sport Massage Therapist during the Vancouver Olympics.”


American Artistic Gymnast, World Champion and 3 time Olympic medalist

“The stretching and the trigger points Dorel used during my sessions increased my performance 90%. You know when you have a good Massage Therapist from the first touch. Definitely recommended”


Gymnast Gold medalist 2004 Athens Olympic Games

“The constrictions I had on my lower back kept me from doing certain movements and techniques during my gymnastic routine, Dorel used soft tissue techniques which helped me perfect my routines without restrictions. Any one of you out there needs a Sport Massage Therapist…HE’S THE GUY!”


American Short Track Speed Skater, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Bronze medalist.          

“The left hamstring was bothering me for years during practice and events and Dorel fixed it with in 3 sessions, not only is there no pain, but my performance exceeded my expectations…just make an appointment with him and you will not be disappointed!”

Stephen S. DO

“Dorel is the best massage therapist I have ever had and certainly one of the most affordable… I have had back pain for many years and have tried many different massage techniques. Dorel has some unique methods that distinguish him from others. I highly recommend him to all.”

Duane L.

“I have had chronic lower back pain and spasms that have been eliminated with a monthly deep tissue massage. Dorel, thank you for all of your hard work and for helping myself and family. You  provide the best quality service available!”

Tom Heil

“Dorel is a very talented and skilled massage therapist. For many years he helped me with debilitating muscle pain and inflammation. He provided me drug free relief that continues even today. He truly is a miracle worker. His knowledge, compassion, and desire to heal is beyond words. Truly one of a kind and it has been a privilege to know him all these years.”

Mick G. Los Angeles

I needed to relax over the Thanksgiving break and I was lucky enough to contact Dorel at European Medical Massage. His technique is a firm swedish which is what I like.  It’s deep enough to get into the muscles without being painful.  I once had a therapist who used a lot of elbows to dig in, which was quite painful and annoying.  Dorel used his hands and fingers, and still delivered really firm pressure.  He also listened to what I wanted and didn’t deliver a cookie-cutter massage.  My low back was giving me some trouble so he spent extra time on that.  He also stretched out my legs and arms, which felt amazing.  He has an extensive knowledge of kinesiology, and apparently also teaches massage at several schools. It was very therapeutic and relaxing.  He also arrived on time, checked in from time to time to make sure the pressure was good, and was always very professional and polite.  I highly recommend him.

LeeAnne S.

I recently called European Medical Massage while visiting family. I researched a few different mobile massage companies and found his site to be professional and focusing on pain management. I called to schedule an appointment, he responded right away and scheduled me with in 2 hours of the call. I had a lot of upper back tension and pain between my shoulder blades as well as re occurring sciatic pain. He knew the exact way to stretch and the right pressure to relieve the tension in my upper back and neck with in about 15 minutes.  The rest of the hour was focusing on stretching and manipulation to relieve the sciatic pain and relieving tension in my lower back.

I highly recommend Dorel. His knowledge surpasses any therapist I have experienced. I will be calling him back on my  next visit.

Eric S. Glendora CA

I highly recommend Dorel. I’ve been having back pain for months and after one session with him I feel 5x better.

Thomas M. CA, Yelp

I was having problems with sore and tight upper back, and a tight hamstring from playing soccer, and started receiving massage therapy from Dorel. I have had two visits, he has been great at loosing up my muscles, and showed me how to properly stretch daily. Would highly recommend!

David C.  Sherman Oaks CA, Yelp

Dorel did an excellent job for me helping to rid me of toxins and loosen up scar tissue that had accumulated over time. He is a real sports massage therapist and improved my mobility. I noticed changes very soon after working with him. I had years of damage to my muscles and joint from weightlifting, boxing, Muay Thai and he definitely helped to release a lot of the pressure that had built up over time. I will continue to work with him and have recommended him to some of my friends at my gym. I highly recommend him if you are an athlete and need real rehabilitative therapy to heal yourself and improve your performance.

Jake S. Burbank CA, Yelp

Very knowledgeable and professional. Great atmosphere and easy communication. Exactly what a place like this should be.  I would recommend Dorel to anyone who is in need of this type of care. Thanks again Dorel.

Y M. W. Los Angeles CA, Yelp

Dorel Helped me with sports injury and problems I was having with my sciatic nerve. His European style therapy relieved all my pain and got rid of my headaches and back aches. The deep tissue massage is right for me and it’s exactly what I want.
Thanks Darel for this treatment you made a life long friend. 🙂

Jen M. Pice Rivera CA, Yelp

I have trained in yoga therapy and realized I needed some good help one day after a big stressor in my life. Dorel has great knowledge of the muscles and helped ease my annoying shoulder pain that would shoot up to the back of my head. The next day I felt a little sore and tender, however, I knew I was on a right path to recovery after the third-day things were finally going back to normal with his guided stretching techniques. I would recommend him to anyone that needs professional work to joints and muscles.

Monica L. Los Angeles CA, Yelp

I do stunts for a living so my job it’s very physical. Dorel helps me a lot with my injuries, I recover faster after the therapies plus he tells me how to take care of them when I’m home! Really helpful!