Stretching Is The KEY!

Definition Of British Sport Therapy
Definition Of British Sport TherapyWhat Is It?
British Sport Massage focuses on muscles relevant to the event. For athletes who train continuously, the goal is to enhance endurance, lessen the chance of injury and shorten the time needed to recover from an event. British Sports Massage may utilize a variety of techniques such as classical Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Soft Tissue Massage. Prior to an athletic event, British Sports Massage may be used with stretching in order to help athletes to loosen, warm and prepare their muscles so that their performance and endurance might be enhanced. Following an athletic event, British Sports Massage may be used to relieve pain, prevent stiffness and return the muscles back to their normal state. British Sports Massage may also be used for injury rehabilitation.


  • Don’t bend your knees more than half way when doing knee bends.
  • Don’t twist your knees when you stretch.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t run on asphalt or concrete.
  • Always stretch before you play or exercise.
  • Cool down after hard sports or workouts.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly, are stable, and absorb shock.
  • When jumping, land with your knees bent.
  • When running marathons or events, schedule pre-event sport massage 20-30 minutes prior to activity.
  • When you get pre event massage, your muscle will increase flexibility of the muscles.